Kate and Jacob’s Intimate Garden Wedding at Brushy Creek Community Center, Round Rock TX

Kate and Jacob met last year and they both knew something amazing was happening. Just before they got engaged, I met Jacob and I just knew he was the guy for her! They adore each other and support each other when life throws them curve balls. They make each other laugh all the time and it brings me such joy to see Kate so happy!

I  have a bit of a photographic history with Kate and her family, because she was the first person ever to hire me to do a session…the first person to even ask! I’m grateful she saw something in my photos and made that request, because who knows if I’d even be doing this if it weren’t for her! It’s so neat to come full circle and be her wedding photographer.

Kate and Jacob had an intimate garden wedding at the Brushy Creek Community Center on March 24, 2013. Surrounded by family and special friends, the two were married by the talented Spike Gillespie. Jacob wore a handsome gray suit, and Kate wore a short, off-white dress with a lace jacket, a lovely floral crown, and the prettiest blue and gray heels I’ve ever seen. The ceremony was lovely and Kate was a joy to watch as she repeatedly let the utter excitement and giddiness she was feeling wash over her! Kate’s sister Bess and aunt Mary, and Jacob’s good friend Matt all spoke at the wedding, mixing tradition with non-tradition beautifully. They chose the location because of its beautiful vegetation and blooms. I’m so glad there were a few bluebonnets popping up! And if you like windmills, this is a good place to visit! The color scheme was very natural, featuring cream, burlap, gray, light blue, and a dusty green. With cupcakes by Polkadots Cupcake Factory, catering by Whole Foods, and happy, loving family, it was a great time! I especially love their exit as they were doused with bags of lavender!

I also wanted to mention that not two months after the wedding, Kate’s mother, Jeanette, passed away unexpectedly. The family is currently together in New York being together and remembering Jeanette, who went by Jenny. It just reminds me how precious life is and how it can change on a dime, and every day is something to be grateful for. Please keep them in your thoughts during this difficult time, and hug your loved ones.

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